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About Us

We built AKVA PLANET Company in 2001 as a family business, soon to become a company with more than 20 employees, settled in an area of over 800 m2, where you can find over 2000 different products intended for maintaining, equipping and arrangement of your living and working space. In our company you can find a large selection of accessories and equipment for the bathroom arrangement from the most famous manufacturers in Europe, as well as a wide range of paints and varnishes, hardware, electrical materials, machines and tools. In addition AKVA PLANET has its own production of polyethylene foil for the purposes intended in civil engineering and industry, as well as selling of stretch foil.

Here, of course, our team is fully available for you, with their experience and knowledge to help you make the right choice, which will fully satisfy your needs. In our company, not only there is a big selection of accessories and equipment intended for arrangement of your bathrooms and kitchens, but also our team will create more detailed view of the same in 3D, so you will be able to see your bathroom or kitchen before it can be completed.