Ideal standard


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Ideal standard

A company that exists for more than 100 years in the sanitary manufacture and in finding best solutions and ideas for your bathroom. A leading brand in creating quality and save products from a world famous designers, that are satisfying the needs of every market, style, budget and standards. Beside for the design the leading team of Ideal Standard is taking care for the quality of their products by establishing new technics such as :
-IDEALBLUE TECHNOLOGY is a unique nickel and lead-free technology, designed specifically for basin mixers. Water passing through the IdealBlue technology never touches chrome or nickel; the copper pipes are not plated on the inside, while all water-bearing surfaces are made of plastic.Ideal Blue technology anticipates and exceeds new European Drinking Water Directives.

-CLICK TECHNOLOGY is offering you the possibility to control the waste of water and to adjust the maximum temperature of the hot water.

-AQUABLADE TECHNOLOGY offers a 100% flush of the toilet seat. This reduces unhygienic areas which can harbour bacteria. The internal channel reduces turbulence to create an highly efficient, quieter flush with less splashing.